Home Groups

Home Groups

Why go to a HomeGroup?

There are two main reasons:

First, a small group environment is helpful to study the Bible and discuss spiritual and life issues.
Second, a small group provides an opportunity to meet and connect with a more manageable number of people than you might meet at a Sunday service. That means there is a chance to get to know a group of people well and be able to support and encourage them and be supported and encouraged yourself.

What is a HomeGroup?

A HomeGroup is a small group of people who meet regularly at someone’s home.

These groups provide the opportunity to read and discuss the Bible together, to pray together and to get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere over a light supper.

Where do we meet?

Home Group Hosts –

Joel and Donna Zimmerman

Greg and Melinda Calhoun


We take turns hosting. Watch the bulletin & calendar.
Starts at 6 pm
Joel & Donna- 814-977-5221
Greg and Melinda– 717-816-4601

When do we meet?

Details coming soon.

What do we study?

Details coming soon.


HomeGroup Study & Fellowship