Church Membership

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Why become a member?

The Christian life is not just a matter of believing, it is also a matter of belonging. The Church is an important part of where we live out what it means to be a Christian. “In Christ we who are many form one Body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Romans 12:5
Here at EAG it is important to us that everyone who attends our services and events finds a way to connect to our community of believers. We place a high priority on helping others find their full potential in serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Using your gifts and talents to bless others is an important part of your personal success in the Lord, and we are pleased to get you connected and help you find your place in carrying out the Lord’s work.
Although we like to see everyone involved in some way, leadership positions require the further step of membership. In addition, doing the Lord’s business is a special honor; therefore, voting privileges also require this further step.
We consider everyone to be part of our family, but membership provides a way to belong that is a step further. Membership is both a privilege and a responsibility and should not be entered into lightly. It is coming into covenant, much like in a marriage. Membership is our pledge to you to serve you and help you develop to your fullest. Likewise, in membership you show your earnest commitment to the Church. Together, we pledge to each other and to God.

When can I become a member?

Each year we offer an opportunity for our church family to become connected in a deeper way and experience the benefits of church membership. This usually happens in the early part of the year, around January or February.

How can I become a member?

You will find that partnering in membership is not a complicated or overwhelming process. Since it is important to be like-minded and unified in major doctrines and focus, we offer classes so you can know what we believe and get to know our Pastor’s heart and the Church’s vision. As a starting point, please see 
Beliefs and Mission for a summary.

Together we are stronger!

Our desire is to see even greater participation as we extend the right hand of fellowship in membership. God has formed us for fellowship with Him and each other. We are formed for friendship and partnership. Together we are stronger in serving the Body and more effective in reaching the lost in our communities. Together everyone achieves more!