Local & USA Missions Supported

Peter DeArruda, Dennis Edleblute, Steve Kulish, Sam Rust, Shannon Rust, University of Valley Forge, Teen Challenge, Chalybeate Springs Ministry, Foundations Christian Academy, Love INC., ReNewing Hope, Teen Challenge, Breezewood Trucker/Travelers Ministry, Benevolence Fund, Everett Food Pantry


Missions Supported Abroad

Douglas Baldwin, Kevin Barner, Omar Beiler, Ray Bradbury, Samuel Brelo, Richard Farthing, Doug Favuzza, Kevin Folk, Jerry Foster, Fred Howsare, Ron Jones, Daniel Klaehn, Peggy Lamb, Patrick Maher, Sam Mayeski, Robert Lee Rogers, Dennis Seler, Reginald Stone, Arthur Stoneking, Brian Thomas, Jeff Wiles, Mary Jo Wiley, & Richard Wislocky


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Total Monthly Support $1830

chalybeate springs entrance


 Missions Trips

In addition to financial giving to foreign, U.S and local missions work, EAG participates in missions trips, including NYC and Haiti.
NYC Skyscrapers
NYC Missions Group
Kevin and Timmy Knox
Haiti Missions Trip Testimony

Local Outreaches

We believe churches should also reach out to our local communities. We have a mission in our own back yard, too!

Dinner and a Movie 

Recently, EAG hosted a FREE “Dinner and a Movie” event with upwards of 150 in attendance. In addition to sharing a spaghetti dinner and the God’s Not Dead 2 movie – which was an eye opener – we also raised approximately $1200 for the Pucusana Children’s Project in Peru through the generous donations of those who attended. EVERYONE WAS WELCOMED whether or not they donated. We are here to serve our community!
Clothing for Giveaway

 Clothing Giveaway

For several years we held an annual clothing giveaway, reaching up to 500 people with much-needed clothing along with a nourishing lunch. We thank God for His blessing on this endeavor.
Hanging clothing and shoes

Other Outreaches

Remnant Youth participates in local block parties and other outreaches, and our Worship Team participated in Music on the Square in Bedford. Several EAG folk played parts in Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames. And we welcome anyone to come to Circle of Friends events.

Circle of Friends

Game Night